The Apartment

Welcome to Perth’s newest home-based beauty and paramedical therapy studio located in Attadale.

The Apartment and Keturah cosmetics offers you beauty, relaxation and medical skin care treatments in a welcoming home-based environment. All treatments are performed professionally with the utmost hygiene standards at incredibly competitive prices

Your therapist, Melissa is a trained aesthetician and a practicing paramedical therapist at the new Keturah Vein & Face Place.

The Apartment is a proud stockist of Keturah Cosmetics, formulated by medical professionals specifically for the Australian environment.

Free Skin Analysis and Home Care Prescription

Are you unsure of how to choose skin care products that are best suited to your skin and  unclear on how and when they should be used in your regime? Request a free skin analysis and step by step skin care prescription (without obligation) to find the appropriate products & detailed advice to nurture your skin's ever changing needs. Keturah cosmetics will have the best product to suit any skin type including a wide range of innovative body, hair and spa products available. 

Keturah has a range of active formulations that have been created to treat conditions common to Australian skin as a result of our harsh climate. Skin problems resulting from sun damage, such as fine lines, pigmentation, redness, broken facial capillaries and dry crepey skin just to name a few, can be specifically treated.  

Medical Peeling with Glycolic Acid


You don’t have to suffer from aging, sun-damaged skin, superficial wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, acne, acne scaring, oily skin, blackheads and an unsightly red face. The chemical peeling system can treat all of this and more and is suitable for use on the face, hands, arms, back and chest.

Chemical peeling is a low risk method of improving your skin's appearance, As well as providing cosmetic improvement, chemical peeling is an excellent treatment for many forms of sun damage and skin disorders.

Glycolic acid has the ability to improve the surface of the skin, allowing dead layers to shed without trauma and sun damaged to be improved, revealing smoother, healthier skin beneath.

Sun damage and build up of dirt or dead skin cells
Moisturisers unable to penetrate and nourish
New resurfaced skin

The Apartment supplies a range of home care products containing AHAs for continual skin resurfacing and improvement at home.

Mother's Day Gift Certificates - Sunday May 13

Treat your mum to a soothing massage, professional skin treatment or a body indulgence at an affordable price by purchasing a gift certificate from The Apartment. It can be as easy as ordering over the phone or by email and a beautifully presented gift certificate will be posted out to you.

The Apartment also offers decoratively gift wrapped Keturah Cosmetics packages tailored to your mum's liking. Mother’s day pampering couldn’t be easier!

About Keturah Cosmetics



Keturah Cosmetics comprises a wide range of high performance skincare formulated by Western Australian medical experts; true professionals who know and understand the science of skincare. The Keturah Cosmetics experts are constantly refining and improving products by studying the effects of our skincare on tens of thousands of clients for over 12 years, across the breadth of the Australian continent.

· The world's finest natural ingredients
· Highest levels of active ingredients
· Manufactured in Australia under the supervision of medical doctors
· Competitively Priced
· Environmentally Sustainable, Planet Friendly, Providing Jobs
· Full Range of Salon, Spa and Medical Strength skincare, from bulk products to   homecare retail
· Results-driven products
· Not Tested on Animals

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